New Adapter for rtl_433 incoming data

  • Hello everyone.

    You can check out this adapter, if you wish, at:

    I am relatively new to ioBroker having just started with it 7 months ago. I previously was running OpenHAB but liked the pure JavaScript approach to ioBroker.

    When I saw how the Sonoff adapter was done I was interested if I could do something similar for rtl_433 data. For anyone wondering, rtl_433 builds off of rtl-sdr and uses largely former USB TV Tuner hardware to receive signals in the Rf spectrum (incoming data only). Often this will be at 433 MHz but it is not limited to that frequency. I use this to monitor temperature senders commonly used for weather stations and I have a large number of contact sensors as well. I have been running this adapter for about 6 months now, it is stable.

    I created the adapter using the instructions on the site. Starting at: "npx @iobroker/create-adapter iobroker.rtl_433". I have run the utility through the adapter checker at: the only two errors I currently get are:
    [E300] Not found on travis. Please setup travis
    [W400] Cannot find "rtl_433" in latest repository

    Travis is set up - however it does not pass due to the lack of an RTL-SDR USB stick nor the rtl_433 software in their environment.
    The command that fails, "npm run test:integration" passes locally on my worstation. Messages in the log alert the user that the environment needs to be set up and points them to the rtl_433 site for installation instructions.

    I do not believe that my adapter will be in the latest repository until it is accepted by ioBroker at large.

    I am trying to get this published using the instructions at and this post seems to be the first step 🙂

    Thanks, feel free to let me know what you think,

  • Starter

    Hello thanks for this adapter.
    Unfortunately I get the following error message:
    nstance system.adapter.rtl_433.0 terminated with code 2 (INVALID_ADAPTER_CONFIG)

  • @vogtländer - I am sorry I didn't see this earlier. That message will happen for various reasons. The best place to start is by typing "rtl_433" at the command line to see if it will connect to the USB stick. If that works the second thing to do is to make sure the iobroker user has permissions to access the port of the USB stick as well. There are extensive instructions on the rtl_433 site to set the permissions on the ports for non root users.

    Let me know what happens at the command line

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