@Bluefox said in Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill ioBroker: Amazon Alexa English Skill for USA and UK https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N5MTK9S Smart Home Skill from ioBroker is very popular and absolutely TOP HIT made in Germany. ioBroker is nominated in "SmartHome Germany Award 2017" as Best System Solution. Visionary and Trendmaker in Automation. Description https://youtu.be/U-6_s7yuGQE https://youtu.be/bTS6J2EkOYQ IoBroker Software connects "Smart Home" devices, is easy to set up and works reliable with Alexa. it´s not just an Alexa app, but much more. has the ability to connect almost everything with network interfaces, is a central server for SmartHome / Building Automation / Assisted Living. The data can be evaluated and linked, the corresponding devices can be controlled (also individually / directly). All existing data can be recorded for long-term analyzes, as well as the recorded data for graphical displays. With ioBroker you can easily control, automate, monitor your smart homes and even build a dashourd with very individual, unique, beautiful visualisation. 1. You need the running system with ioBroker (on Raspberry, Windows-Server, Synology-NAS or MacOS) anywhere with running Node.js (ARM, x86, Windows, Linux, OSX) 2. You need to build a connection for ioBroker and Alexa Please read and translate the instruction on http://www.iobroker.net/docu/?page_id=5090&lang=en 3. the "cloud" adapter must be installed 4. you must create the free cloud service account on https://iobroker.net (PLEASE CHECK EXACTLY, NOT http://WWW.iobroker.net !!! ) 5. After the account is created, click the "Create App-Key" button. 6. enter the generated application key in the configuration of the ioBroker “cloud” adapter. [url=http://www.rachat-de-credit-simulation.com/comparatif] meilleur taux [/url] 7. That's all. Smart devices will become automatically names, based on the existing enumerations (rooms and functions) and these names will be sent to Alexa Skill by "discovering of devices". The user can set the specific device names in the cloud adapter configuration dialog box. The ioBroker Smart Home Skill supports the full set of Alexa voice commands for controlling lights, thermostats, blinds and scenes. Allowed commands: On/Off, Lights “Alexa, turn on <device or/group/name="">” “Alexa, turn off <device or/group/name="">” Percentage, Dimmers “Alexa, set <device or/group/name="">to <x>percent” “Alexa, brighten <device or/group/name="">” “Alexa, dim <device or/group/name="">” “Alexa, dim <device or/group/name="">by <x>percent” “Alexa, brighten <device or/group/name="">by <x>percent” Thermostats “Alexa, set <device or/group/name="">to <x>degrees” “Alexa, decrease <device or/group/name="">by <x>degrees” “Alexa, increase <device or/group/name="">by <x>degrees” “Alexa, decrease <device or/group/name="">" “Alexa, increase <device or/group/name="">" Amazon Alexa English Skill for USA and UK is HERE!!!! English Skill from ioBroker in "SmartHome Germany Award 2017" as Best System Solution nominated. Visionary and Trendmaker in Automation. Call to action Share the love Share this article on Facebook and Twitter. A lot of people need to know about this. Follow me on YOUTUBE.</device></device></x></device></x></device></x></device></x></device></x></device></device></device></x></device></device></device> I love it because it has the same name as my daugther