• Dear,
    I'm facing problems with iobroker.iot.
    And after long search I didin't find answers.

    WHat I'm trying to do, pilot thanks to alexa Amazon all lights controlled by LOGO 8!
    Light works fine I'd made the DB connections and thanks to iobroker.vis reached to pilot them.

    Now, I'd installed iobroker.iot
    Add the skills iobroker.iot on Alexa siteweb, iobroker.iot seems connected with my login and password
    And create command to text thanks to IFTTT.

    I created javascript to be able to pilot light thanks to the IFTTT and so one.

    based on tutorial found on youtube ( it's for google but I adapted for Alexa 🙂

    But when I try, Alexa says that "no device are connected."
    So after searching I saw that in iobroker.iot they were no devices.

    I'm trying to add some devices, but It's not possible to add directly my commande from S7 DBs in this list.
    Because it needs to have location and functions.

    How can I create the connexion between this two things?

    After I'll have to di the same for RFXCOM with RTS Somfy, but I think it'll be the same things to do.

    Thanks a lot for your help.



  • @Tiger You can set Rooms and functions for your obkects in the "Objects" tab - but the room/function is not reall needed for alexa - only if you want to have all setup done automated from Names and such ... you can define it without that manually too in iot

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