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    Hi to all,

    I am running IObroker on a raspbery 3, I have installed Broadlink 2 adapter but I don't have any RM .... box, but in logs I can see:

    broadlink2.0	2020-05-08 21:24:43.863	info	(20862) Device UN:0x4e2a_34:ea:34:4f:de:ff dedected: address=, mac=34:ea:34:4f:de:ff, typ=unknown, id=0x4e2a devtype=UKN

    The broadlink 2 adapter detect my Vortex wifi control ac , is there a way to control this device only with the adapter ?

    Thanks !

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    Does it allow you to create a device for it?

    It might just be a false detection printed in an early state of detection and the adapter discards it after some trial.
    But there is some kind of interface / announcement running on this box.

  • The adapter sees this device (type 0x4e2a) but does not know how to handle it.

    I do not know Vortex wifi control AC and this broadlink type number, and therefore broadlink2 lists it as unknown device.

    The problem is that nobody know which parameters need to be read or sent to the device to make it working.
    This could be found only if you have a network sniffer and record all packages sent/received by the device. and reverse-engeneer the commands.

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