@Andrew22 said in Xiaomi hardware + CC2531 + W10 tablet = working !!!!: @Yugyug said in Xiaomi hardware + CC2531 + W10 tablet = working !!!!: Hi, as there is not topic in english by now, I start with detailling my system : (First, sorry for my english, that' because I'm french) Then, I can say that Iobroker seems to work with the following hardware : Tablet running under Windows 10 (Chuwi HI10 plus) interfacing done through flashed CC2531 Xiaomi sensors (temp & humidity) and switch (aquara) (all using Zigbee) and later, I also want to use Netatmo sensors (through the network) to get CO2 measurements in order to control ventilation system (2nd phase) All my Xiaomi hardware is well integrated in iobroker and the next step for me is programming rules to command electric heater (using switches) that will warm my flat according to temperature [url=http://www.rachat-de-credit-simulation.com/comparatif] meilleur crédit [/url] eceived from sensors. Has someone already tested programming Iobroker rules ? Anyway, I am quite happy to have found all this stuff working in Windows environment as I am not skilled in Raspberry nor Linux adn now I am quite results. Feel free to ask for more details ! I wish a long life to iobroker ! [https://audacity.onl/] [https://mails.tips/temp-mail/] [https://origin.onl/] I want it please me too !